Randall: Just One DayMature


           I know Mendrick was playing some inane trick on me, reverse psychology or whatever. I'm just not in the mood to dissect everything like I usually do. I'm so mixed up, everything is just slumped together in a huge pile waiting to be compartmentalized and put into it's right place. But I can't seem to do it this time, I'm just too caught up in whatever the hell emotion is raging through my mind right now.

           Anger, I guess. Pure, unadulterated rage. It's pushing me to do things I never would have done, first of all letting Mendrick get to me. Letting anyone get to me. I'm not sure if this is the change I want to see or another change that will only bring me farther away from the humanity I seek.

           Regardless, I feel like I owe Mendrick something. Should I tell him the truth, or just give him some bull to ride out on until I figure out all of this new turmoil in me? I'll give him half truth.

           “He hit me. He clocked me while I was looking down. Goodbye, Randall.” I flutter my hand in the air, trying to capture some of my old amiable character to make Mendrick think I'm back. From the look on his face he obviously isn't falling for it, he leaned forward when I told him about the being hit but when I tried to play it off his eyes hardened. He knows there is something more, what can I give him to diffuse this suspicion?
He leans back in his chair and waves his hand, “Go on.”

           My head sags as I decide what I have to do. I'll turn this around, there are still people around. “Well, he knocked my ass out but why is it that no one in this entire building even noticed him leaving?”

           “That isn't going to work Randall, this isn't about them. This is about you and Lane.” It was worth a try. I need to make him feel like he's still in control, if I can just slip something past him. Just a tiny idea, a crack in this wall of doubt keeping me in here.

           I'm thinking, thinking, thinking of a way to get myself out of this, but I'm blank. Completely and utterly thoughtless. I'm finished, I know it's over. I can't do anything anymore. “Pierce and Pierce, tomorrow.” With that said, I leave. I just walk out. Of course, he yells and when I walk by Alannah she nearly falls backwards in surprise.

           I may be done, over, finished, but I'm taking Lane down with me. If it's the last thing I do. I get into the elevator and when I hit the bottom floor I run to my car and take off. You can't stop me now, Mendrick, but you can catch me later. I'll be okay . . . just give me one day.

The End

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