David: Being Nice for OnceMature

I strolled across the room to Alannah, who was standing outside the interrogation room, talking to Charlie. She did well in there, she really did. And thats good. Not as much the information, but because she knows she did well. She feels confident again. She feels like she's redeemed herself. That's why I left the interrogation at such an unexpected moment. I knew he would break soon, but I didn't need the confidence. Alannah did.

Charlie isn't the type to need confidence, she needs motivation. Apparently she found something, which tells me that she does have a strong motivation. Maybe it's time to give her more.

As I approached them, I glanced at Charlie. Very pretty, I noticed. Her hair was shorter than Alannah's, but a lot longer than Randall's. Her eyes sparkled with excitement as she saw me.

"What'd you got?" I asked nonchalantly, glancing at my fingers.

"Mr. Lane had some sort of business deal with Mr. Bell! Look!" she yelped with excitement. I had never seen her like this before. She was very energetic and enthusiastic. She was practically jumping up and down. She tossed the papers into my face.

I clawed at them until I finally had them all in my hands. "Good," I said with a smile. "Very good."

Charlie squealed with delight. "You owe me a drink Mendrick! Admit it!"

I widened my smile. "Of course I do. As long as you had a warrant,"

She froze, fear covered her face.

"Just kidding, I got the warrant before you got there," I said with a laugh. The three of us laughed loudly for a while. Finally, it quieted down. Randall came up behind me. "Randall, you were useful I presume?"

"Meh," Randall shrugged.

Charlie shook her head. "Don't sell yourself short, you were helpful, you just didn't find what I found!"

This was a great moment for us, for whatever reason. Maybe because it felt like a huge break.

"Randall, your turn. Get in there," I motioned to the door with my hand. "Go interrogate him and figure out what this business deal was, and if he has motive."

I turned to Charlie. "You, me, Mrs. Bell. We're going to go to the lady's house again. If she doesn't talk, we're bringing her in."

Charlie seemed to be glad.

"What about me?!" Alannah pouted.

"I didn't forget about you," I said kindly. "You have the rest of the day off. Go home! Lay down! Relax!"

"Really?!" she shrieked in delight.

"Nope," I said, my smile vanishing.

There was awkward silence for a moment.

"Just kidding! Go home!" I said joyfully.

She looked very surprised. She squealed and ran out the door without another word.

I'm being too nice... I thought to myself. Oh well, it'll pay off.

It did.

The End

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