Alannah: First InterrogationMature

I strode confidently into the interrogation room, Mr Lane's file under my arm.  I was going to prove to David that I was just as good as he was when it came to interrogation.  Mr Lane's shoulders were tense and he was tapping his foot nervously on the ground.  I knew he had something to hide.

'Mr Lane.'  I took my seat opposite him.  I knew I was going to have to be strong to get any information out of him.

'It's you,' he said, his voice shocked.

'And it's lovely to see you again too Mr Lane.'

'I don't want you,' he protested.  'I want the other guy, not you.'  It felt good that I'd made such an impression on him.  But I had beaten him up in his own office when he'd tried to run away from me.  That can knock a guy's confidence.

'Well I'm afraid you're stuck with me.  Now tell me about your relationship with Mrs Bell.'

'I'm not telling you anything until I have my lawyer,' he said stubbornly, sitting back in his chair with his arms folded.  As hard as he was trying to appear confident, it didn't transfer from his body language into his eyes, which couldn't focus on anything and were shifting around the room.

'Since you assaulted my senior officer, I don't think you should have the right to stall any longer.'  I stood up, confronting him, hands on the table and leaning over him.  'Now would you please tell me about your relationship with Mrs Bell.'  I spoke firmly, only raising my voice slightly.  He looked up at me and I could see the glint of fear in his eyes.

'Yes, OK, I was having an affair with Mrs Bell.'

'Thank you Mr Lane,' I said, sitting down, smiling on the inside but remaining emotionless on the outside.  'Now can you tell me where you met?  How often?'

'I saw her whenever I could, usually when her husband was working night shifts, I work during the day so I could go to her house then.'

'So you met at Mrs Bell's house?'


'That must've been hard on Mr Bell wouldn't you think?  Having his wife do the dirty with another man in his own house.'  I could see him squirming in his seat.  I was finding I was enjoying this just a little bit too much, but I didn't want it to stop.  'Did Mr Bell know about your relationship with his wife?'

'No,' he replied immediately.  'At least, I don't think so.'  His voice was less sure, whether it was because he was lying or not I wasn't confident enough to make a judgement on at the moment.

'Did you know Mr Bell?'

'No, I never met him.'  Lying.  I was going to have to be clever to get some information out of him.

'OK then, tell me about your job Mr Lane.  You work for,' I double checked his file, 'RJM Business Advisors.  Is that a satisfying job?'

'It pays the bills,' he said, still a little tense in the shoulders.  I could feel I was onto something.

'So you wouldn't call it your dream job then?'

'No, but who does have their dream job?'

'From what I've heard, Mr Bell seemed to think he was in the perfect job.'  I didn't get a reply, he just sat there unsure of where I was taking this line of questioning.  'Perhaps you're lying to me and you did know Mr Bell, in fact you knew him very well.  You were jealous of him and his perfect life.'

'That's not true,' Mr Lane shouted defensively.

'He had a beautiful wife, a nice house, a job that he loved.  I don't know a lot about men, but I can see why a man such as yourself would be jealous.'  There was silence for a moment as I allowed what I'd said to sink in.  'Do you have a wife Mr Lane?'


'Then why do you wear a wedding ring?'  I smiled again inwardly as he looked down at the wedding band on his left hand.

'Well technically yes I do have a wife, but we're separated.'

'And how long have you been separated Mr Lane?'  I was interrupted by a knock on the door, followed by the entrance of a breathless Charlie.

'May I speak with you for a moment please.'  She was looking at me in a way that said you will want to hear this.

'Interview suspended at 19.36.'

'Wait, you can't do that,' Mr Lane protested as I got up from my chair and moved towards the door.

'I think you'll find I just have,' I retorted, shutting the door firmly behind me.

The End

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