Charlie - Search PartyMature

So yeah. Now I'm in some goddamn office, searching through someone's goddamn papers, trying to find some goddamn evidence that probably doesn't even goddamn exist!

Oh, so you think I'm annoyed? Just a little.

Hart is absolutely no use, of course. Well, he's searching through it same as me, but he keeps making really useless remarks such as 'Well, that's no use to us'.

Oh really? You think?

Smart ass.

All we know at the moment is that this goddamn Lane guy (who's making my life seriously harder, so I hope he's getting a hard goddamn time of it back at the station) worked for something called RJM Business Advisors. Which is all the information Harrison managed to glean. You'd have thought she'd've been looking out for this kind of stuff. But no. She leaves all that to me. Of course.

His office is perfectly tidy. Or at least, it was. Now it looks like it's been hit by a goddamn bomb.

This is actually ridiculous. What are we even looking for? Chrissake. You'd've thought we'd hit a goddamn gold mine by the way Harrison was acting. Grinning from ear to goddamn ear. Thought all her teeth'd fall out, the way she was heading. All she's doing is interrogating a man.

Chrissake. Am I surrounded by complete goddamn idiots?

It seems so.

Absentmindedly, I sit in Lane's swivel chair, flicking pieces of paper over my shoulder without looking at them. Blah blah blah. Boring boring boring boring-


Chrissake! I just chucked a piece of paper away and I could swear in front of a jury of twelve it had the word 'Bell' on it.

Cross my heart and hope to die.

Sort of.

'What is it?' Hart asks me as I leap from the swivel chair and scrabble around wildly amongst the heaps of paper on the floor. It's so goddamn untidy! You're the goddamn idiot now, Charlie!

No, no, no, no, no, no, n- YES!

This is the one!

I scan it quickly, hoping against goddamn hope it does actually say 'Bell' and I'm not just going mad.

Oh, smack me thrice and gimme to me mama - it really does!

'Christian Bell'

Oh yeah. Am I good or am I goddamn good?

Don't answer that.

The End

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