Alannah: The Business CardMature

I insisted on driving, liking being in control for once, and told Randall to give me the directions I'd found to lead us to the address that matched the phone number listed on the business card.  It took us towards the financial area of town.  I didn't know the area that well, having spent most of my time patrolling the centre of the city.  Big glass buildings grew on either side of us, menacing and impossibly tall.

'It should be the building on the next left,' Randall said, pointing to a side street a few blocks away.  I checked my mirror and indicated left, spinning the wheel smoothly through my hands.

'Are you sure this is it?'  I looked at the shiny glass building.  How could a man who worked as a zoo-keeper be involved with a place like this.

'It's where the directions told me to go.'

'OK then,' I said, taking a deep breath, 'let's go inside.'  I pulled up outside the building, careful not to park on double yellow lines, and climbed out of the car, locking it behind me.

'So who's leading this then?'  Randall was matching my every step as we advanced towards the front of the building.

'I don't know,' I said, thinking hard about how we should play it.  'How about if I go in first, see if we can find this guy, then we can take it from there.  I'm not even convinced we're going to find the person we're looking for.'

'Nothing like optimism,' Randall muttered as we entered through the revolving doors and into the reception area.

'Can I help you?'  An overly cheerful looking receptionist smiled at us as we looked around the entrance hall.

'Yes,' I said, almost marching over to her desk, 'we're looking for,' I glanced down at the business card, 'a Mr Lane.  Does he work here?'

'Yes we do have a Mr Lane working for us.'  I almost cried with relief.  'I can check to see if he's in if you would like to speak to him.'

'That would be lovely, thank you.'  I gave her one of my own fake smiles and backed away from the desk.  'OK so he does work here,' I whispered to Randall.  'Do you know what here does?'

'Not a clue,' he muttered back.

'He is still in his office if you want to go upstairs.'

'Thank you very much.  Which floor?'

'Second floor, fifth door on the right.  You might want to be quite quick, he likes to leave early on Thursdays.'  I picked up the pace as we headed towards the lift.  I had to try very hard to stop myself from skipping and jumping for joy.  Everything was working out.

The lift pinged, the doors slid smoothly open and we stepped inside.  The silence in the lift was slightly awkward as I didn't feel I had much in common with Randall and didn't know what to say.  Now that I thought about it, I didn't have a lot in common with any of the members of my team.  I didn't see any of them outside of work and knew nothing about their lives beyond their jobs.  For some reason I found that slightly unsettling and sad.

The doors opened again, announcing our arrival onto the second floor.  A big sign opposite the lift declared that we were on the floor with offices belonging to R.J.M Business Advisors.  Taking a mental note of the name, I turned right and walked briskly down the hall counting the doors as we went along.  At the fifth door I stopped and raised my hand to knock.

'Are you ready?'  I asked Randall, who nodded.  'OK then, here we go.'

The End

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