David: Luck.Mature

"Boss, I have something you're going to love," I heard Alannah say.

"Doubt it," I said bluntly.

"No really, you will! Apparently two guys visited Mrs. Bell and asked about Mr. Bell, but when they found out he wasn't there, they left!"

"Hmm...suspicious, but we can't arrest them for it. Still it's worth looking into. How are we supposed to find them? Do you have pictures of them?"

"Better, I have their business card."

I smiled. "Alannah, have I ever told you that you never let me down?"


"Good, because I'd be lying if I had. But still, this is good. Very good. Get back to the office immediately. When you get back, take Hart to wherever the business card leads. But first, give him a hard time. And that's an order." Without even waiting for a reply, I ended the call.

I stood and wiped off my coat. I stepped outside and looked over at Randall, who was smiling at me like an idiot. "Stop smiling and get back to work," I scolded.

I grabbed my keys and began walking out the door. I can't believe how much luck we are getting on this case! I thought. I mean seriously, video evidence, a business card for some unknown suspects, we're getting really lucky.

And as I walked out the door, I was thinking this case was closed. I was thinking that things would only get better from here.

I was wrong. Very wrong. More wrong than you could possibly imagine.

The End

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