Randall: BlankMature

          I keep my mind blank as I work through this mess of files.  There is no need for thinking when participating in something so menial.  It would only serve to exacerbate my own boredom. 

          I wonder if they'll finish this case while I'm stuck here.  Doing nothing productive.  Hardly even doing the job Mendrick told me too.  I take extra time to file each folder, checking, double checking, triple checking.  Anything to see that second hand move a little further before the next time I see it.

          Mendrick picks up the phone and a pleasant look comes over his face.  It looks like time is against me, they may well just close the case before I'm done.  I guess this means my Detective shield isn't in my near future, I'll need more time, more cases to get past Officer. 

          I just hope he doesn't demote me back to Vice, I don't know what I would do with myself.  I catch Mendrik's eye and salute him with a big smile on my face, maybe he'll forgive me if I look like I'm enjoying myself.


The End

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