Charlie - MurderMature

I've been a busy bumbly-bee, and no mistake.

I mean, I'm no genius, so why no one else thought of checking the goddamn CCTV is beyond me.

The screen's grainy, terrible quality. They should've bought a better goddamn model. It makes my job much harder.

It looks dark and rainy. There's some kind of light shining over a cage... The tiger?

The time on the screen reads 2:34am before anything interesting happens. A guy I assume to be Bell is walking towards the cage. He's wearing a coat with the collar turned up against the wind.

Ohh.... Wait...

He's not going in. He leans towards the bars and pokes something through them. It looks like a long stick. It's probably got some clever goddamn name.

What's that?

A light moves towards the camera... No, it's two lights actually.

It's a goddamn car.

It pulls up beside the cage. A man gets out - I can't see his face.  He moves quickly, purposefully. Towards the man beside the cage.

Oh, Christ.

They're talking. Do they hand something over, or am I imagining it?

No no! Godssake!!

It's one of those goddamn swiveling goddamn cameras, isn't it?! And it's just moved to show me the car. I don't want to see the goddamn car, you bastard!

It just sits there, the minutes ticking away. 2:53am. 2:54am. Christ. I get down the number plate as best I can, though, while I'm on. It's all grainy so I might have made a complete cock up.


At least, that's what I saw. I'm not a goddamn mind-reader.

Finally! The camera moves back to show both the men.

No! There's a third man.

Oh, sh*t. He's in the goddamn cage.

Crucified Christ.

He's dead.




The phone in my pocket buzzes noisily and I make a grab for it.


'Godssake, Broker, where the hell have you been? Didn't you even think to tell me before you buggered off?'

'Wait up, boss. I'm at the zoo. You should see this.'

'And- What?'

'I've checked the CCTV. It's all here. We were right - we were goddamn right! It's a murder. Get here soon as you can.'

'I'm on it.'

The phone goes dead in my hand. My god.


What have I just seen?



The End

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