Randall: Money Under the Books?Mature

                All of the others checked out Bell’s finances and assumed that there was no motive for murder there.  Now, I’m not buying into this “murder” thing just quite yet, but I’m thinking if Bell was having money issues that were worth killing over, it’s most likely a gambling problem.  They checked all of his legitimate money dealings, but they never thought to find out if he had any illegal gambling going on.  Anything under the books.

                So, as luck would have it, I’m having lunch with Mrs. Bell today.  I’m not sure what Alannah did earlier that upset Mendrick, but I figure the widow could have something interesting to say about something other than simply just the death.

                “So, Misses Bell, I was wondering if your husband had any gambling problems.  You know, money under the table we couldn’t track using his filed transactions.  Most of the people on my task force seem to be suspicious of the entire scenario and I figured I could check to see if there was any money owed we couldn’t find.”

                Her eyes seem empty, but I’ve never been able to read people very well.  “I . . . I don’t know anything about gambling problems or him owing any money.  Why are you so quick to assume he was murdered?”

                “Actually, ma’am, you’re talking to the only one of us that doesn’t believe this was a murder.”  Bell’s lips twitch at that, an almost imperceptible smile.  I might not be able to read facial expression, but I can see them. 

Is she happy I don’t believe it is a murder?  That feels strange, regardless of the how she should just be glad to find out exactly what happened.  People can be so confusing sometimes, she must be sick with grief.  Just like the sister.  I shake my head as I get up to leave, “I suppose you already have one of our numbers.  Get back to one of us if you think of anything.”  I don’t think this is even worth mentioning with the boss.

The End

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