Alannah: Bored!Mature

I sat at my desk tapping the end of a pencil against the wood.  I was so bored, you would not believe.  Charlie had disappeared off somewhere to dig up whatever she could on our case and after what I'd done with the victim's wife, I didn't think Mendrick would be letting me out on my own any time soon.

So I passed my time doodling on a scrap piece of paper that was lying on my desk.  I find randomly drawing whatever comes into my head really relaxing.  It allows my mind to clear.  Without even thinking I re-sketched the crime scene from my memory, and when I stopped to look at it something was screaming at me.  A crime could not be this perfectly executed.

But for all my need to do something, there was nothing I could do.  No witnesses to question, no evidence on CCTV to analyse, nothing to come back from forensics yet.  There was so little evidence, something had to be wrong here.  I wasn't going to let this murderer get away with it.

I got up from my desk, dropping my pencil, and headed over towards Mendrick's office.  I knocked and opened the door.

'What is it?'  Mendrick didn't even look up from his desk as I walked in.

'Please give me a job sir.  I'm bored out of my mind back there, there is nothing more I can do on this case without leaving the office.'  He groaned, only just loud enough for me to hear, and leaned back in his black chair to look at me.

'Have you checked all the records?  Bills, bank statements-'

'All checked and there is nothing there to suggest someone wanting to kill him.  I need to leave the office so I can question someone, anyone who can tell me more than the stack of paper on my desk.'

'After your performance with Mr Bell's wife earlier, I don't think I can let you out on your own at the moment.'

'I'm sorry about that sir, but you've got to let me prove myself again.'

'No I don't have to let you prove yourself.  I can't risk you messing up again with another key member of Christian's life, it could ruin our case.  So you're staying here where I can see you.'  He looked away from me and back to his desk, his point made and thinking that was the end of our conversation.

'You can't do this,' I objected loudly.

'I'm your superior,' he almost shouted, 'I can do whatever I damn well please.  Now leave my office I've got important work to be doing.'  I turned to leave and paused just before I closed the door.

'Please give me something to do,' I pleaded.  'Anything!'  David stopped and I thought he was going to yell at me but instead he looked up thoughtfully at me.

'In fact, I think I do have something for you to do.'


'You have got to be kidding!'

'I most certainly am not.'  David had a slightly smug look on his face as I stared at the mountain of paper piled all over my desk and on the floor.  'They need to be filed away in alphabetical order in that filing cabinet over there.  If you manage to do it well enough, then I might let you go out and help Randall.'

I felt like saying something very rude as a retort but managed to keep it back when he walked back to the office.

'I'm going to do this,' I told myself as I picked up my first stack of papers.  'I'm not going to complain, I'm going to prove I can do what I'm told and I'm not going to get it wrong.'

The End

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