Charlie - SuspectMature

God, round and round it went like a goddamn carousel!

It doesn't fit, we need a motive, why would they murder him, what's their motive...

On and on until I couldn't stand it anymore. You'd think I was bloody Sherlock Holmes the way Harrison went on!

What I don't get is why we haven't arrested anyone yet. There's a body. There's blood. There's a suspect. What more do we need? I mean, for god's sake! Any idiot with half a goddamn braincell can see it was a murder!

The only problem is the tiger. I know from experience that it's a stupid way to murder someone. Much easier to, say, bash their head in. Shoot them. Give them a lethal injection if you want to be subtle about it. But mauled by a goddamn tiger? It's too brash, too loud. It almost wants to be recognised as a murder. It wants everyone to recognise its genius. It wants to become famous as the 'Case of the Tiger'.

What about the tiger itself? Have the keepers noticed any change in its behaviour? Was it violent before the attack? What is its sleeping patterns?

Ever so lucky, wasn't it, that the victim was a zookeeper. But he'd have had more sense than to go in there from his free will. And the security on the CCTV cameras, they saw nothing? Or they saw nothing to make them suspect a murder.

Or they were in on it.

And the woman - where does she fit in? She didn't kill him, oh no, it's much more complicated than that. A murderer would never make that kind of mistake. But did she know about the murder? If we assume she was drugged, and that's why she forgot about her husband's death, then it would make sense that she didn't know. Otherwise the murderer'd have no reason to drug her.

But why drug her in the first place? To make her forget something she saw? In that case, does she know something?

I remember the nervous twitch of her mouth as she spoke, the way she refused to believe he had died, how eager she was to have us leave the house.

No. She knows all right. But what she knows... that I can't tell.


I need answers to my questions. No, more than that. I have a theory. But I need to prove it. And to do that, I need to start to do some investigations of my own.

The End

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