Dave: Possibilities...Mature

"There's something wrong, boss," Charlie says to me.

I glance her way for a moment, then immediately turn my head back to its original position, staring down at the dead guy. "Of course there's something wrong," I said in an annoyed tone, "there's a deceased man laying in front of you!"

Charlie frowned. "Think," she said, "why on earth would a zookeeper go into a tiger's cage?"

"Maybe he wanted to feed him," I said, even though I knew this was unlikely.

"Yeah right! He didn't even have a reason to be here in the first place!"

"We don't know that," I clarified, even though I knew that was likely.

"Umm, boss?" I heard Alannah say. I faced her. "The zookeeper's wife is here, or maybe it's his sister, I'm not sure."

"Alright, I'll handle this. I want you and Charlie to find out who may have gained something from his death. Who'll get the job now?"

"You think this might be a murder?" Alannah asked in a surprised voice.

"Obviously, otherwise this guy wouldn't be dead!" I snapped. I started to walk away.

"But--what I mean is--you think a human murdered him?"

"It's possible, now stop asking questions and get to work." I walked out the door and started towards Mr. King, who didn't look happy. I didn't blame him.

"What's your take?" King asked.

"Murder, almost definitely. Any zookeeper knows that you don't just walk into a tiger's cage unarmed."

"Maybe him and the tiger were...close."

"Maybe not," I replied thoughtfully.

Thoughtful silence for a moment.

"Where's the wife?"

"Sister," he corrected.


"There," he said, pointing towards a woman in a long flowing black dress.

I took off towards her. Suddenly, I spotted a car pulling up in the driveway. "There he is," I whispered angrily to myself.

The car door flew open and he stepped out.

"He better apologize, or I won't even hesitate to fire him."

And I meant that.

The End

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