Charlie - OuchMature

So, here I am. 9am in the morning, cold, wet from the drizzle that won't goddamn stop. And with that prick Mendrick yelling at me.

'Where the hell were you? When I call my unit, I expect you to be here, not wandering all over the place!'

'Huh, cool it, boss. I can't bloody teleport. Ever heard of a traffic jam?'

I leave him to contemplate my magical ability to shut people up and hurry into the tiger's cage before he can start bawling at me again.

Ouch. That's a nasty way to go. He musta bled to death. The wounds are pretty deep. That tiger must have claws of goddamn steel, the cuts are so clean. I'm not such an observant person at the best of times, but there's something wrong with this picture. What was this guy doing in the cage? He's not an idiot (well, he mighta been, but somehow I doubt even a idiot would willingly walk into a tiger's cage). So maybe suicidal?

But that's wrong too - there are plenty of easier ways to go than being mauled by a tiger. Looks like a freak accident to me. Maybe a bit too freak for my liking.

'Animal feeder knows nothing.' It's whatshername, the other girl in my unit. Harrison, I think. 'Just turned up this morning for work and saw the poor guy.' Her skirt's too short. She keeps pulling it down. Me - I'm in trousers. Can't stand the breeze between my legs. Makes me feel just like... Well, a girl.

'There's something wrong, boss.' I stand up slowly. I'm not the sensitive type, but I've seen a lot of bodies in my time, one way or another, and this one's just wrong. Is it the unnatural, twisted angle of the head? Or the dried blood beneath the cracked nails that spell a fight? Maybe it's the bloodshot eyes widened in terror at the sky?

I can't tell.

But something's wrong here. I can feel it.

The End

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