Gael: Sentry

"Uh, you might want to rethink that plan Shote," I added, ears locked on a distant sound that only I could hear. "I don't think this lot were alone. I reckon we have ten minutes maximin before it's on us. Hang on, I'll try and take a look."

I shifted rapidly into a bird - a bald eagle to be exact - and flew up to just below cloud level. Eagles have by far some of the best long-range vision in the animal world and I could see clearly the larger contingent of soldiers heading towards us. Evidently our unexpected guests had been some sort of scouting party, for this force must have been at least twice the size. I came back to the ground,

"There's more of them," I said, eyes still fixed on that distant horizon spot. "I don't think we can fight off that number, and even then they could still call for backup. I'd say our best bet is to find somewhere to hide, somewhere they won't find us, before we start planning anything else. We'd best move fast, they're coming quickly."

"Right," said Shote, "you get back up there and keep an eye on them. Tell us if they do anything unexpected."

I nodded and leapt back into the air, this time becoming a smaller falcon and hovvering in a convincingly bird-like fashion, my eyes locked on the approaching soldiers.

Silently, I prayed to myself we'd move off soon. If we fell into Irren's hands, who knows what she would do. However, I had no intention of letting her hunt us forever.

If I had my way, the hunter would soon become the hunted.

The End

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