Shote: Leaving

" Just going to extract some blood from a few its been so long." Aerin says.

I was somewhat disgusted but I could partially understand he did look like he was going to need some form of blood sooner or later. I collapse the shield around the guards and then cut air supplie off they all fall unconciouse.

"Please don't let me see you do this." I say walking back into my house. I turn a left into a small armoury and grab myself a longer strongerand magic resistant sword that would be worn on the back. I had put it away when I had decided rebelling the Queen directly was only going to get people killed , and just learned to live on the outside and I would occasionally visit the cathedral to remind myself that I will come of use agian. I packed a few other things and walked out of the house. Aerin was still enjoying himself.

" Hey everybody, I wasn't expecting to be found out so soon but that doesn't matter right now. We have to get moving , I'm hoping this is all obviouse. Feel free before we go to raid my kitchen. Wether your ready or not though we'll be leavin in twenty." I say hoping I didn't have to do this often.


The End

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