Starlight: About the dungeons

"An idea. A plan would be more help, but it's better than nothing," I say. "Anyway Elenia where did you learn such high level magic? I thought you were human."

"I am, I don't know, I only know it hurts my head," she says.

"Well it's about as powerful as mine, and the same type. That shows you're truly an heir to the throne. All royals and heirs have some sort of control or manipulation powers, it's part of the heritage, I think. Most of them also have another power or two. Mine's light magic. The current queens is..." I don't finish the sentence.

"What? What is it?" asks Elenia. I turn and look at Pixie. She nods.

"It's pure power. She can channel it to have any kind of magic she chooses. That's what the business with the dungeons was about," says Pixie.

"Oh, yes, pixie, about the dungeons. I was wondering... I'll ask later," I say, as I see Aerin scowling at me.

"So, Aerin, what's your idea?" asks Shote.

The End

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