Elenia: Guards

Pixie stands in front of me when the guards came in and Starlight joined.

"Just hand over the human and you won't have to die" the guard says. I don't know why but I got really angry then.

"I do have a name" I shout. Then they attack. I duck and do a low kick tripping him up.

"You've trained" Starlight says hitting someone hard across the face with the hilt of her sword.

"Well, I was athletically competitive. I've done a lot of sports" I say.

A guard runs in and gabs his sword at me. I fall back into a arch shape then kick up with me feet knocking him out and going over into a crouch.

"Weird" Pixie says. Then she shifts again.

I don't think this is going very well.

"Stop" I find myself whispering. All the guard freeze. I blink then tilt my head. "Formation"

The all march until they stand in a small block. Shote, Aerin and Gael come in looking amazed.

I take a deep breath and stumble back. Shote create a shield containing the soldiers just as they regain their movement.

"My head hurts" I moan sitting down on the floor clutching my head knees pulled up.

"I say that was high level magic" Starlight exclaims.

"I don't care have you got painkillers here" I look up annoyed.

"Here" Shote says handing some sort of herb. "Chew it"

I do and slowly the pain disapears. I look at the soldiers. "What we gonna do with them?" I ask.

"I have an idea" Aerin says.

The End

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