Shote: The expected

My house would be good perhaps for a week but sooner or later the Queen would hear reports of my presents in the early moments of this thing. Then she'll be onto me then eventually it will lead them here even though that will take huge effort to know the location of my house but being the Queen she will eventually find out.  As everyone fell assleep or half sleeped for security measure I simply grabbed a small amulet and allowed myself to leave my body and see the many magical eyes I had planted around my house.  I was sure I would know if anyone went around the house seeing the whole load of traps and other warning signals would go off in my house, but there was always someone who is or as good as me at magic. 

I checked and rechecked till 2 in the morning and on my last check the expected finally came.  It was a troop of two experience wizards the rest guards or in my words fodder.

" crap." I mutter as I fall off the couch returning to my body.  The first one up was Gael it seems that he hasn't got to sleep yet.

" Two wizards , squad of gaurds, wake the others. I'mma gonna let the traps go."  I then rush out the front door , and say a comand and the whole entire place lights with a blue magic that catches the intruders and explodes. Looks like they are waring wards agianst trap magic.  The idiotic gaurds runs forwards I grab my short sword  and duck under one and slice up killing him instantly. I proceed to perry the next to guards and luckily fit a spell and incenerate them with fire.

" Oi Shote are you gonna leave any for me, or hog them all like you used too when you served under the king?" Pixie says.

" Come and get them then!" I yell as I engage one of the Wizards.

The wizards cast a spell cursing my sword to ash.

" Your  no fun." I whine as I throw several throwing spikes to see how he deals with them. He incernarates them. Which tells me he is really good with fire spells. 

My eyes become more like a cats and time seems to slow for me as I cast a ice spell wich formed into an ice trident aimed at his head. The wizard tries another flame  spell and falls for my trap as the trident explodes Ice spikes shoot and and imapale him.

Thats when I noticed more gaurds where coming from all sides, did I just fall for a trap? It didn't matter though if we became over run then I could always move the bar up higher. Currently I was suppressing most of my strength to stay hidden from the Queen.  She told me there wasn't enough torture devices that hurt me enough , thats why I planned not to be caught.


The End

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