Gael: Stealthy Snoozing

In response to Pixie's request, I curled up by the window, perching on the sill almost like a cat would do, and let my mind drift. However, I did not go to sleep. Although my eyes were closed and my breathing deep and regular, my ears were pricked for any sounds, listening well beyond the normal range of hearing.

I knew the queen wouldn't take kindly to this. She wanted to retain as much control as she could, and would probably kill the human the first chance she got. Well, it would be over my cold dead body. I may not know this human, but if she was out to get rid of that old fleabag then I'd protect her with my life. I didn't even believe in the Prophecy particularly, but something had to be done about Irren. She was a tyrant, not the sort of ruler we needed. With her in charge, our world would fall apart. This human was our only chance, we needed her. I wasn't going to let Irren get her way. Not this time.

As I dozed, I heard someone - Shot Ie thought it was - muttering to himself. I ignored him, deciding I had more important things to listen for. So far there was nothing, but I knew Irren wouldn't give up easily. I'd have to be on my guard tonight.

If anything hostile came our way, I'd know about it first.

The End

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