Pixalia: i was on my break

The door slammed open as everyone rushed in, new scents wafted as i sat with my feet up on the table.

i lifted a cup of hot tea to my lips. Shote's shoulders hunched as he wirled round.

"Pixie!" he gasped "what the hell are you doing here?! you're supposed to be watching!"

"Im sooo sorry, dear Shote, i was taking a break" i suddenly recognised the scent that filled my nose again "And another shapeshifter is with you... Gael"

Gael appeared from behind the princess and bowed.

"It has been so long" i told him. i swiftly moved from around the table to his side.

i touched his temples with my fingers - a shifters greeting.

"Ahh you were in a fight with the guards" i mumbled out loud.

"So much for being a watcher" whispered the human who stood beside the door.

i laughed it off and walked ove to the princess.

"My apologies, Starlight" i bowed low. "i have been awake for so long... i just needed a rest"

she nodded slightly "yes i understand that, what with the dungeons and whatnot..." she trailed off as she saw Shote's look of confusion.

"... but we shall talk about that later." she turned to me "you may rest aslong as you like - i'm sure Gael will be of good use to us while you do"

Gael nodded and i turned tiredly towards the fire. I knew Shote would want to know what had happened... just the queen, damn that rotten scoundrel.

i curled up and shifted lazily into a tiger.

"Human" i purred "please lay by me - your scent makes for pleasent dreams"

my eyes began to close. their vision growing blurry as i saw her walking towards me and sleep over coming me.

The End

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