Elenia: Known

Great, so I was completely lost here but everyone knew about me.

Great, absolutely great. What next a flying catus..... wait, I don't want an answer to that.

I mean anything seems possible here. It's like everything that can't happen on earth can happen in this place.

And who the hell's idea was it to stick the portal in the top of a cathdral tower in plain sight.

"Where we going? Not back into the town" I say scared.

"We have to" Starlight says.

"Yeah, even though I hate to admit it among loads of people will be the best place to hide you" Says Aerin.

Aerin's very cranky at the moment and him and Starlight have just had a fight. Don't know what about.... something about my safety. I wasn't really listening.

"This way. My house is cloaked" Shote says. Oh, so that's where we're going.

I follow silently a bit bored and scared.

Even curious. What happened earlier was weird is was like I could see....... everything.

I shiver. But still its weird and hard to remember after. Like me eyes sights become clouded and heavy.

It.... hurts. I hate to admit it. My eyes returning to what they are normally like hurts.

"Here we are" Shote says shoving a key into a lock. Something ripples. "In you go"

Everyone rushes in me last. Then when I step through I can't help but gasp at the surroundings.

Everything is way ahead of its time.

The End

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