Starlight: Fighting

"Get out the way, Gael," I say. He looks a little surprised when I mention his name.

"Lets see you defeat those guards then, elf," he replies, stepping back. 

I close my eyes and reach out with my consciousness. The guards aren't easy to possess, but I manage it. I then make them all draw their swords and push them into their chests. I open my eyes to see them all fall to the floor in perfect unison. Gael looks at me open mouthed.

"Sorry about that, but they would have killed you otherwise," I say, turning to Elenia.

"They might well have done, but you know how much the queen is going to want to kill you now?" says Shote.

"A bit more than she does at the moment," I reply, without hesitating. Now I suggest we get out of here before we get the high guards on us."

The End

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