Gael: Need Help?

Nobody noticed me creeping up behind the soldiers. Then again, nobody ever notices me much. I'm good at staying unnoticed, despite looking slightly... odd. Whispy frame, scarcely five foot five tall and a pair of yellow eyes with slit pupils.
Oh the joys of being a shape-shifter in one's natural form.

The small group, the wizard, vampire, elf and human (pull the other one) , were gawping at the soldiers and looking very freaked out. I sighed and turned into a bat, flitting over the soldiers' heads and turning back into my natural form beside the girl:

"Hallo human," I said, grinning at the shocked expression on her face. "Nice day for a scrap eh? Need help?"

The human gaped at me, I sighed and shook my head, white-streaked black fringe flopping into my face in that irritating way it had. Honestly, was this human that thick? I'm on her side for gods' sake!

"Never mind," I said, rolling my eyes and turning back to the soliders. "Hey fellas!" I called cheerily. "What's the rush?"

"Get out of the way shifter!" one barked at me, "This is not of your concern."

I raised an eyebrow, "Sure it ain't. Looks just as much my concern as yours. Now get out of the way, before I flatten you."

Now, dragon or elephant.... this could be fun.

The End

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