Aerin:Sweet scent

Aerin had been walking aimlessly for an hour when he smelled it. It was sweet, unlike anything he had ever smelled in The Dimension before and it almost brought him to his knees. It was like rich wine, or a well prepared meal set before a starving man. Aerin felt him mouth fill with saliva as sucked in the scent. He followed his nose to a small gathering of individuals and was so dizzy with hunger that he forgot to shield himself. He simply walked up to them and his nose led him to the girl. He looked down at her with eyes black as dark matter and grinned.

"So you're a human. No wonder vampires are always rattling on about how great yer blood is. " And then his face met forest floor as something tackled him. He felt a knife on the back of his neck and froze.

"State your purpose, demon!" said one of the people in the gathering.


The End

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