I steam up the stairs, my hand sliding along the rusty railing. The rust peels away under my touch, that is my curse, I take away any life from anything and use it as my own.

The curse, of being, an immortal.

All immortals have some sort of curse, vampires have to drink blood and pixies have to trick others into becoming one of them, using their lifespan in their terms - one human year means one thousand pixie years - for all of the pixie clans. I, however, am an exception to the rule, the person that can take away anything from anything.

Ironically, my creators called me 'Life.' My silver hair float around me as I jog up the stairs, my bare feet pushing me further and further up and up. I reach the top, shoving open the door with all my might; I tumble in slamming it shut behind me.

The dimension opens before me, I land with a thud on soft ground, it turns cold beneath my feet. Sighing I set off running down the street the ground dies away as I run. Only one though runs around in my head.

I cannot be late, must not be late.

The End

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