Pixalia aka pixie

My paws thudded over the balconies as i followed the Human and the man, their scents strong in my nose. They stopped before a lady i recognized. jumping down elegantly from the top, i landed gracefully in my boots. My dress hung loosly then snapped back into place, the changing of my shape too quick for it.

"Starlight..." i walked over and tapped her shoulder "The purrrophecy came slightly true m'dear" i purred.

Starlight looked over at me "Pixalia?! i told you to watch over us" her voice anxious.

The Human eyed me cautiously. My Pale blue eyes noticed.

"What is the matter human?" i walked behind her stroking her shoulders lightly with my hand. i caught length of hair gently in my hand as i did... i smelt it.

The scent... oooh the scent, so sweet it sent a shiver down my spine.

"Pixie!" the voice bellowed in my ear - but no-one was stood by me. the princesses.

she looked at me meaningfully and gestured up wards towards the balconies again. i nodded.

"Shote" i said turning slightly "so nice to see you again" i gave him a light hug which he returned.

"Pixalia, it's been a while" he nodded smiling. i flipped my long, dark brown hair behind my shoulder.

"I shall see you again soon my friend... as for you human" i turned sniffing her hair again as i did "I shal be your watcher for now, i will look over you as long as the princess wishes... you shall see me again but if you ever truely need me - just call for pixie" i bowed and kissed her hand.

i launched upwards my body changing into the great Tiger again. I began my run along the balconies once more but not before hearing Shote.

"Isn't she still in trouble with the guards?" shote asked chuckling

The princess replied "Yes - isnt she always? but Pixalia's never cared for herself much that is why she is now a watcher for me"

"Bloody shapeshifters" Shote laughed.

i chuckled as i turned back on myself towards them and sat pacing above their heads, turning and changing direction every few meters.

The End

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