Aerin: Migraine incoming

Within the city proper, all hell had broken loose. People ran to their neighbors and friends, children were taken inside and hidden, and guards roamed the streets. The words on everyone's lips were the same though.

The queen has arrived.  They whispered. The susurrus rose until it was a dull roar of wonder and hope. Some of the townsfolk even dared to dance in the streets. Their joy at their soon to come liberation rose to a frenzied pitch and the city had a festival atmosphere. People emptied their few remaining wine bottles in comraderie,  thieves returned just stolen goods, it was madness. A madness that Aerin Hart heard at triple its' volume. It banged around his head like a toddler given too many sweets. He almost howled with the pain of it all. 

Aerin spent his nights running odd jobs and his days sleeping. Due to his change in diet he often suffered from vertigo and mild hallucinations. He subsisted on little more than blood substitutes and coffee and it was definitely beginning to show. His eyes, back when he glutted himself on blood, would often shine with a healthy red sheen that overlaid their natural blue. Now, they were black as sin. In the past couple of weeks he had lost a lot of weight. Now he was as lithe as a pole.

On top of that, he was prone to mood swings. Just last night when he'd been taking a shower a chunk of his long black hair had come out in his hand. But he dealt with it. It was his fault that he wasn't able to feed on blood anymore after all. If he'd been framed he might revolt, but he had drained one being too many and broken the cardinal rule of vampires: never leave any evidence behind.

But enough of that. Aerin sat in his small apartment and listened to the roar of people. Something big must have happened while he had been dead to the world, but what? There hadn't been this much rejoicing in the streets since..

Well, since the last decent monarch took the throne.And that was decades ago. 

Throwing on a pair of relatively clean pants and a black shirt, Aerin reached for his hooded cloak, a vampiric necessity, and made his way out into the world. Outside his apartment the noise was even worse. It took all of his will to stop himself from gutting a woman who bumped into him while she danced drunkenly by. Walking quickly, he left the slums behind and passed through the rich part of town. Which being made up of mostly nobles who were under the queen's thumb, was entirely silent. Aerin welcomed the change gladly but this place wasn't his goal. He continue walking until he reached the city gates. Using what little blood magic that was still under his command, he snuck past the battalion of guards and kept on. 

The new queen couldn't possibly be too far away. She may have gotten out of town but there was only so far a human could travel by itself. Twas only a matter of time before he caught up.  Quite frankly, he was bored. Sure evil queens had their perks, but a waif fighting for ascendancy in a strange land was much more interesting.


The End

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