Shote: The Prophecised Queen is here

I see it happen before me the Human appears through the portal , and looks absolutly dumbfounded. People began to get on their knees. This confused her more. From the stairs I can hear gaurds of the current queen who is malicious and evil and would want her dead. I walk up to the girl

" My name is Shote and this may all be very sudden but." I didn't finish my sentence as the guards came through the door.  

" Crap." I say.

" We felt the portal open which one is the human?" The gaurds demand.

 A none believer points at the girl. " She is sir. " 

I grip at my throwing spike on my belt, and through each one into a gaurds head.  I turn back to the girl who just gained her breath.

" Sorry bout this but I'm sure you don't want to be killed. Whats your name?" I ask as I quicky begin to draw a teleportation circle on the ground. I mutter a few words and it begins to glow.

" Elenia." She says

" Nice to meet you Elenia , ans welcome to The Dimension." I say as we both disapear from the room and arrive in the outskirts of the city. She agian looks dumbfounded.

" What did you just do?"

" Got you away from the current queen, for now. Its all really confusing but lets just sa your in a Prohecy here in The dimension , and your goiing to save us alland become the new Queen. But to come on such a day as this is misfortunate." I mumble at the end. I get up off the ground and look into the city. I could here bells ringing , and all other types of alarms going off.


The End

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