"Ahh" I scream. "I'm late, shoot"

I rush round my room and I can predict whats happening down stairs right now.

Aunt Cathy's here and she's acting outraged at my loud noise while Mum calmly drinks a cup of tea.

And guess what?

I'm right. I run into the kitchen wearing my uniform. White top, black tie, short just above the knee black skirt with legging then high just below the knee boots.

Then I have my curly Starlight hair pulled back in a bobble.

"What a rack dear" Aunt Cathy exclaims. She's old and boring and never is nice to anyone.

"Sorry, Aunt Cathy" I say. "I'm starting a new school.... I just totally panicked"

I make a cup of tea for my self and grab some french bread.

"Oh, I get to pass that Cathedral on my way you know" I tell mum. "You know the one I felt so drawn to"

"Ah, so that's why you're up early" Mum says smiling even though its forced.

My Mum doesn't like me. In fact she's not my real Mum. I'm an orphan. She had to take me on to get better marks with her boss.

I may as well be dead these days. She sends me to the most horrible schools.

"I've got to go, See you Aunt Cathy. Bye Mum"

I don't even know why I still call her mum, maybe its cause she hates it.

I rush out of the house heading for the Cathedral. Its a beautiful ancient one. It's amazing.

I walk in and I get distracted by the paintings. I feel my whole body zone out.

Like I'm just following instructions as I head up the stairs toward the top of the Cathedral Tower.

I reach it and fall..... through something. I gasp in a breath finally gaining control of my limbs again and look around seeing strange people staring at me with utter shock.

The End

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