Catchy Title (Chapters 17-25)

Julia and her mom accidently run over a guy, killing him. Her grandfather is packing up, and no one knows why. Her mom has "The Syndrome". Gabby Shaves her head, and runs away with a teenager she'd been texting, later to be brought back and sent to a boarding school. Greenhouses are everywhere, plants are dying left and right. Julia goes to Michaela's party, where they drink beer at like 11(STUPID KIDS ARE GONNA LOSE THEIR LIVERS BY 20!!!!). And then Seth takes Julia to save the whales, which t

2. Chaos. Julia's world is falling apart. It's getting put back together at same time, creating this endless cycle of her life being rearranged. While her family and social lives are torn apart, romance keeps weeding it's way into her personal life. Her relationship with herself is also getting worse."I was a little bit in love."

3. The slowing has caused people's sleep patterns to get thrown off, causing insomnia, insanity, and worst of all, "the sickness". More subtle effects of these is that people have become more impulsive and irrational. This has led to people acting very different from their normal personalities.

Since the insomnia and magnetic field are affecting people's minds, they are changing. they are becoming more impulsive and making decisions without thinking about them first. People are also becoming more irrational and not doing things for the right reasons and making mistakes.

The End

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