CATCHY TITLE (chapter 11-15)

From wha we've seen so far most of the town and people in general have lost there humanity.We have Ms.Nesbit who is getting ready for death and the preacher Revenant Marshal has been holding food that his followers gave him and caused one of them to die from starvation.Even the main characters mother has kind've lost her humanity but still has hope for her kids.The follower that died had cause great sadness to her mother who then killed herself later.

I feel a good theme for this is "when chaos shows itself we lose all humanity."Because most of the characters we've seen in this story has started to lose all hope and given up.Some of the people we have meet have stared to become I said before the most despicable person we have meet in this story.Mostly because he is selfish,greedy,and a monster.

In the book "Life As We Knew It"The main characters motivation has mostly been there father and the other family members.They mainly hope for each other to survive and move on.The story has been progressing hoping for the main characters to reunite with there father and all of there friends.

The End

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