Morgan: Shan's stunts

I watched as Shannon started her stunts. Giving her the thumbs up to let her know she can go I watched, catching my breath as she sailed around. This stunt was one of my favorites. I usually helped her with her stunts, seeming Moriarty was always busy. He being the captain and all. I know that they're my parents but it still doesn't feel right calling them mom and dad. I just can't do it. 

I walked up to Shan. "Nice job Shan." I said. 

"Is the ship ready to set sail?" She asked.

"Almost, just loading the last of the cargo." I replied smiling. I really do love them, they're great parents, I'm just not ready.

The ship set sail. Finally out in the open air! I love the feeling. It's my favorite. I never once thought when I was younger that I would ever live on a ship as a sailor. However, now that I'm here I love it!

"Come on Morgan." Shan said. "We've got other jobs to do. 

"Alright." I said smiling.

The End

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