As I fll the world seems to go into slow motion. I close my eyes and feel my hair blow in the wind. I had my eyes closed for what seemed like forever but I open them just before I do a flip and land gracefully on my feet. I brush my hair out of my face and let go of the rope. Smiling, I turn to see Morgan approaching me. He was smiling as well, while slowly clapping his hands together. 

"That was amazing Shan." he says. Even though he was legally my son he still was a bit uncomfortable about calling me mom. I didn't mind it. I must be hard to be an orphan for most of your life then suddenly have people who take you in. I know I would have trouble adjusting. 

"Thanks." I say, as I fix my black and red tunic. I glance over and spot Aidan looking at me. Once she saw I was looking she quickly turns away and continues to load the rest of the boxes on the ship. Having the mercenary on board with us made me nervous. I hadn't really talked with her much she was, after all, only supposed to listen to Moriarty so she usually ignored me when I tried.

"So are we ready to take off?" I ask Morgan.

"Almost. As soon as we get the rest of the boxes on board." He answers.

"Good." I say. I couldn't wait to set sail.

The End

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