Catching Lightning

You are on a flying ship, that has one job and one job only. To catch lightning. This story is for anyone who knows how make things exciting. Pirates will attack. Killer birds. Almost anything is possible!

   The ship is taking off. You were choosen as carfully as Queens choose their knights. But, you are not a knight. You are a sailor, the captain or a mercenary to protect the goods. Which is lightning. We live on lightning. Lightning is our power. How do we catch lightning you may ask. Well, you'll have to find out yourself.

   I cocked my gun as everyone lumbered on board. I felt people stareing at me like I was some sort of creature or animal. It's the tattoos, I thought to myself. But I knew that wasn't it. It was because I am a killing machine. A mercenary, as most call it.

"Aidan! Come here!" yelled the Captain. Or a merchant, more like.

"Yes?" I asked. My master said not to let emotion get in the way. I felt so crappy that I wanted to kill anyone who talked to me. But I couldn't kill  my employer, or I would get killed. No lightning, no pay. But I'm not the one getting payed, I don't even get anything out of it except blood and pain.

The End

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