Several minutes, and a good scrubbing with hot water and a rough body-brush later, I emerged from the barracks and made my way into the castle's main keep. The guards evidently recognised me from earlier and let me in without a word. I nodded my thanks and then set about trying to locate my errant charge in the maze of rooms. The castle was large, with plenty of twisting passages and, typically, I was soon horribly lost.

Damn. Just my luck to get lost in this place. The prince will kill me for this...

I groaned exasperatedly and decided to hunt out a servant or guard to tell me where to go. Presumably I was looking for some sort of meeting hall, but then again they could have gone straight to the guest rooms. Following the corridoors, I found a room where I could hear a voice. Having had no luck anywhere else, I took a deep breath and pushed the door open.

Inside was a young girl, probably a princess of some sort, with long white-blond hair and eyes so blue they made the very sky itself seem dull. A maid stood beside her, also a girl. Both looked up in alarm when I entered. I gulped, suddenly feeling very awkward:

"Pardon the intrusion my lady," I said, adressing the princess, "I came with the Prince of Albareta's retinue. Would you please be so kind as to tell me where they are? I am expected to attend His Highness when he meets with Princess Arya and I am afraid I do not know where they are."

Remind me to brain myself with my bowstave later...

The End

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