Queen Anna

The prince had arrived at just the wrong time. I had been on my way to visit the king where a short plump serving girl rushed towards me, and told me the foreign prince was here.

I nodded quickly, and went to my room. Gertrude helped me into a very formal gown, and I went, again, to the throne room. I surveyed the prince, and I approved. I saw in him a proper nature.

I had already summoned Princess Arya. I thought she would be the best to meet the prince, despite that some of her older sisters were as yet unbetrothed. Finally she came, and I was surprised to see she wasn't wearing proper attire.

"Princess Arya!" I thundered. I would have demanded she dress in more suitable clothing, but the prince smiled.

"'Tis fine, Your Highness."

I pursed my lips, but then smiled. "Well, then, Princess Arya? You may escort our most honoured guest around the castle. I hope you will find it to your satasfaction."

"I believe I shall." he said. I waved a hand in dismisal, but not without a sharp look at the princess. She cringed, and I sighed at my errant daughter.

The End

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