Princess Arya

                           I was sitting alone in my room, brushing my long deep blue hair. I hate servants. Not the servants themselves, just the fact that they are servants. They are so kind too. I hate making them do everything that my sisters make them do.  I have a couple but they sit around and help the new comers. Like Jasmine which I recently discovered is now tending to Princess Saphire. Why do we need servants? We can do everything ourselves you know. Oh well.

                    I looked in the mirror at my digusted older sister. "Where is Jasmine?" She asked.

                     "Helping Princess Saphire." I replied unshocked at the question she has asked so many times. "I don't need servants sis."

        "Wait untill mother finds out!" She says indignantly. I looked at my pants and shirt. I know it's very unlady like, but I prefer them. I also prefer doing everything myself without help.

            "She already knows." I said turning my blue eyes on my sister. My mother, Queen Anna, knows everything unlady like I do and disapproves very much. She can't do anything though. I love it.

              There was a knock at the door. "Come in!" I called. A messanger came in.

            "My lady the Queen wishes you to wear your most proper dress and to go to the chamber to meet the Prince." He said quietly knowing my response.

            "Tell mother that if a prince whishes to marry me he must take me as I am." I told the messanger.

              "Yes My lady." He replied. Then he left.

            "Sister. Please, just this once. I heard he is very charming." My elder sister pleaded.

            "Charming or not a prince will take me as I am if he wishes to marry me."

           My sister scoweled and left the room. I smiled and went back to brushing my hair.

The End

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