Queen Anna

Gertrude came in. "Your Highness, the Princess Sapphire has arrived."

"My thanks, Gertrude." I stood up, and walked towards the door. I went to the throne room, again, and found a lovely young woman standing at the foot of the throne. She was wearing quite a pretty dress.

I sat on the throne, and smiled. She was about to curtsey, but I waved off the formalities. "As the king is not here, I will excuse you from the meaningless pleasantries. I am Queen Anna."

"Princess Sapphire, Your Highness."

"Good. I will have a chamber prepared for you." I waved my hand to a serving woman that stood at the edge of the room. "Please escort Princess Sapphire to her chambers. If there is anything you need, mayhap, please tell me."

"Thank you." The Princess breezed out of the throne room. I motioned to Gertrude, and she accompanied me through the hallways. I saw someone scrubbing the floors. I recognised her as the mute servant who could write and read, a rather rare thing in a servant.

"Hello, dear." I said, smiling at her. She returned the smile, tentatively. "You can help the Princess Sapphire, just arrived." She nodded, and started down the hallway.

I returned to my chambers, where I changed from my heavy dress. It was nearing time for the evening meal, and I wished to visit the king first. I was concerned about his health. It was a delicate subject.

"My queen, please allow me to bring you a goblet of wine." Gertrude said. I nodded. She left, and for a moment I was alone. I sighed, and waited. Soon Gertrude returned with the goblet. I sipped the wine, and soon stood up.

"Let us go, then." I said. "I shall visit my husband, the king."

"Yes, Your Highness." she said, scurrying ahead of me.

The End

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