Princess Sapphire

I re-read the letter for the eighteenth time, each inked letter was still the same on the creamy parchment. I was being summoned to the castle of Okanegon, and I knew it was what my parents wished of me. I took the other object from the envelope. It was a golden circlet. I brushed my long white blonde hair from my sapphire eyes and put the circlet in place. Suddenly there came a knock at the door.

"Who knocks?" I called, picking out a dress appropriate for the day.

"I do, your highness," came the voice of my mothers servant, Lilith.

"Pray enter, Lilith, for I need thou to help me choose," I said. The door swung open and Lilith came in. She was a pretty girl, I sometimes wished she was not a servant, for she would have done very well in the village. 


I stepped from the carriage and looked up at the castle. Then I walked to the castle doors and knocked and waited for an answer.

The End

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