Princess Zaria

I wake to see the shafts of sun lightstreming across my bed. I ring the bell, and wait for Amma. She lifts the heavy wooden door, and come over to my bed side.

"I request your assistance in clothing myself, Amma."

"Yes, my lady." She replies, curtsying.

I pull back the blankets and slid to the floor. She is opening the wardrobe. I walk over to her, and select a simple blue dress, with no large skirts or corset bodice. Amma exchanges the garments, and I tell her to braid my hair. It is just now dawn, so I have some time.

Soon I am running along out side. I am running and skipping and leaping. Things that my more proper sisters wouldn't ever do. I am me, a princess of light, of the earth, of life.

The End

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