Queen Anna

I sat, uncomfortable, in my chair. A foreign man stood before me. "I wish an audience with the king." he insisted.

"He is sick in bed." I replied. "I, as Queen, work in his stead to greet men such as yourself." He came close to my throne and handed me a parchment letter sealed with wax. I didn't look at the insignia, , but broke it as soon as it same to my hands.

"You may leave." I said. "I shall have a fresh horse brought to you."

"Thank you, Queen Anna." The emissary bowed, and as he did so, though I could not hear very well do to the muffle of the floor, he said, "Please consider it very carefully, Your Majesty." He then scurried away very quickly out of the Meeting Hall.

I then read the letter.

To the king, ally and supporter, King of Okanegon and Leksuche, duke of Summerend, Kelognier, Vernyn, Naratma, and Pentiktven, greetings.

I would wish for you to consider a marriage contract, as I will suggest. I have dispatched my son, whom you shall receive shortly after the emissary baring this letter has. He will suggest to you, in my stead, a suitable wife from among your lovely daughters.

The rest was of the same drivel, the messages we got so often, as I had many, many hands to give, and this was a very wealthy royal family. But then I noticed it was from the king: King of Alabetra, the very wealthiest and richest of all kings in the world! And he had already sent his son to come visit!

"Quick!" I said. My handmaiden, Gertrude, came to my side. "Yes, dear. We must make ready for a most important guest, the son of King Alberat."

"Yes, my lady." she said. I was sure she was as surprised as I was, but as usual kept her feelings hidden. I nodded. I stood up, striding at a short, measured pace, to the door to my bedroom. I went in, nearly colapsing in my chair beside my bed. A knock came at my door.

"Yes, enter!" I said.

The End

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