Castle Life

Here, there is a castle. There will be all the characters a castle should have: the king, queen, princes and princesses, servants, maids, knights, and the like. And you can be any of them! Please join!

 As in any castle, there are many servants attending the royal family, and knights to protect it. There are spots for everyone here! You may take more than one character, with a limit of ten characters per person.

All the character info and such can be found in the author guidence. You don't need to give me all the information about your character, but if you want something mentioned, please say so! And I will get it into the author guidence as soon as possible.

There can only be one king and one queen, but there can be many princes and princesses, and maybe even a prince or princess or two from another land, come to visit, and decided to stay. Sort-of rules/guidelines:

  1. Only one royal person.
  2. As many servants as you like- up to the total limit of characters, ten.
  3. Magic is allowed.
  4. Your characters, though they are allowed to go out and visit the nearby village, or go on short journeys, must live at the castle. Most of the plot must be conducted there, too.
  5. Romance is just fine.
  6. No modern stuff.

Now that you know the sort-of rules/guidelines, write!

The End

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