*Note* this is a one time thing, but I need you to see things from Annie's view. Halfway through it will be switched to Marsha

I was in the Technology room the whole time, staring at the time machine that was created by such amazing scientists. Sarah and James Sommerfield were our inspiration, they were the reasons why Marsha and I chose to build a time machine.  I figured that I would be able to find some idea's by studying their machine carefully.

I circled the machine multiple times, studying each individual piece, and the components that put it together.  On my last round I noticed a self-destruct button, pushed in. That must be how those people were killed, I thought, It's a shame really, they were such amazing people...And that's when I got it.  It seemed to come out of nowhere, but I knew exactly how to get Marsha out.  It was like the Sommerfield's were speaking to me, inspiring me. 

I ran to the teachers, begging them to take us home.  We searched for Xander, Joseph and Aderyn for about fifteen minutes before checking the bus.  We got outside just in time to see it speed away.

"CRAP!" yelled the principle.  He ran back into the museum, and immediately returned with another set of keys.  He dragged the other 2 of us, Jess and I, to a black twelve seater van. He opened the back door and had us and the two of the other chaperones get in.  He got into the drivers seat, and his wife (the math teacher) got into shotgun.  He sped to the school, dropped the four of us off, then he and his wife sped off again.  We saw him pick up his police radio as he drove away, knowing that he was inquiring about the bus.

I rushed to the science lab and sent Marsha one last message before getting to work on getting her back.



I got another letter from Annie.  It read:

I found a way!  I'm getting you out!! :)

What felt like a few hours later, but was probably only a few minutes, I felt the familiar whirring sensation of transporting through time, and then I saw Annie. 

"YES!" she yelled, "IT ACTUALLY WORKED!" then she told me about how she got the inspiration at the museum while looking at the work of the legendary Sarah and James Sommerfield.  She also told me about the disappearance of  Aderyn, Xander and Joseph. 

"Eh," I replied, "A and X have pulled stunts like this before. They'll show up eventually...I can't wait to see Xander!!" Annie just rolled her eyes.

The End

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