When I arrived in the technology room I was immediately drawn to a big metal machine.  I slowly drifted towards the plaque and read, "Time Machine: In honor of Gwyneth and Kylem Paltrow and  Sarah and James Sommerfield who sacrificed..." at that point my mind went completely blank.  Then images began flashing.

Me hugging a young woman. 

Her handing me to Aderyn.

A voice, much like Aderyn's, saying, "Take care of him. We'll be back soon."

Aderyn sobbing in her room, me asking what's wrong.

Me being taken away, then reunited...

"I'd hate to be the  people in that!" I heard someone exclaim.  I jumped, then began shaking uncontrollably.  A boy placed his hand on my shoulder, "Hey man, what's up?" 

I stopped shaking, then closed my eyes and took a deep breath before turning around and pushing his hand off my shoulder.

"Who are you?"

"Xander, it's me, Joseph!" the boy exclaimed.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME!" I turned to run, and that's when I saw a familiar face. "ADERYN HELP ME!" I ran behind her.

She turned me so that I was looking at her eyes, "Xander," she said softly, "where are we."  I shrugged, and she took my hand and turned me around, leading me to an exit.  She pulled a string out of her pocket and picked a shiny metal...key from the ring. I vaguely heard the boy say,

"You have keys to the bus?!"  but I wasn't paying attention to him, he was scary.

Aderyn led me to a big yellow school bus.  I remembered when I got on one of those for the first time, and it was a long time before I saw Aderyn after that.  I tried to run away from it, but Aderyn pulled me on and sat me in a seat behind her. She sat down where the wheel was and put the shiny key into the hole and then the bus made a horrible sound.

I started crying.  The boy was trying to talk to my sister, but she wasn't really talking much.  I was scared.

The End

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