I kept pinching myself throughout the whole bus ride because I couldn't believe that Aderyn was driving a bus. She was only 14! How did she know how to drive?? I decided to ask.

"How do you drive?"

"Same way as everyone else." She answered.

"I mean how do you know how to drive?"

"I was taught........."

"Why do you know how to drive! You're only 14! You shouldn't be driving!" I shouted.

She was silent for a while before answering. "There are many things that no one else attending the SSA knows. Even Xander."

I just stared at her, baffled. We had to drive for a few hours before we pulled into the parking lot at the hospital. She turned off the bus and reached under the dash to pull out a big cloth bag. She slung it over her shoulder before opening the bus doors and taking Xander's hand.

"Come on you two." She lead us off the bus and closed the doors before walking right into the lobby. "Hi," she said to the receptionist. "I'd like to see Dr. Lathyar."

"Oh, sorry. He's out right now sweetie. Are you visiting someone?"

"Uh no. Can we stay right here until he gets back?"

The receptionist was about to answer when a middle aged man came in.

"Hey Kathy, why is there a bus in the parking lot?" he asked, pointing behind him.

The receptionist, Kathy, shrugged.

"Hm. Well, who is this?" The doctor asked, gesturing to Aderyn.

"I'm not sure sir. She just came in with these two boys asking for you."

The doctor took a close look at Aderyn. "You look familiar........"

She turned to face him. "Hello sir, my name is Aderyn. Do you remember me?"

He suddenly looked surprised. "How could I forget! It's been so many years! What brings you here."

"Xander. He, uh, saw that which triggered something."

The doctor looked confused for a second. Then realization dawned in his eyes.

"Ah yes. Please, Xander, come with me." The doctor motioned for Xander to follow him. Xander acted like a little four year old and hid behind his sister.

Aderyn pulled him out from behind her and pushed him to the doctor saying, "Go on sweetie. He's a friend."

Xander looked back at her. She smiled at him reassuringly. He walked slowly to the doctor, who led him away. As soon as Xander disappeared into an elevator, Aderyn's smile disappeared. She turned to Kathy again.

"Do you mind if we stay here for a bit?" She asked. Kathy nodded. "Thank you. Come Joseph."

We went and sat on some cushioned seats, Aderyn sitting on my left. She set her bag down and pulled out a gameboy along with some games. She plopped them into my lap. "We may be here a while."

I blinked and stared at her. "What's going on?"

"I wish I could tell you but it's not time yet."

"Why?" I was beginning to feel like no one told me anything. She looked at me, looking suddenly very tired.

"If I were the one to tell you, you wouldn't forgive yourself for something that had nothing to do with you."

I was confused. "Don't you mean I wouldn't forgive you?"

She shook her head. "You don't understand."

"BECAUSE YOU WON'T TELL ME!" I was really angry. Kathy looked up at us, raising her eyebrows in warning. I turned back to Aderyn. She had her back to me and was just leaning against her chair. I stared angrily at her back for a second before turning away. My eyes wandered around for a bit before they landed on the games. Looking through them, I found there were several I liked. I began to play them, making sure that the sound was off so it wouldn't be super obvious I was playing.

Several hours passed. Aderyn would occasionally get up for a drink or simply to walk around.  Soon I turned off the game boy and just leaned back against my chair, my eyes drooping. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Aderyn look over at me. I ignored it. She bent over to her bag, pulling something white out and putting it in her lap. I suddenly felt her hand on my neck, gently pulling me over. My head landed in a pillow. When I looked up I could see Aderyn's face. I realized she had put my head in her lap. I looked away and closed my eyes to keep from blushing. She began playing with my hair, partly tangling, partly stroking it. Soon I found myself asleep.

Someone was shaking me awake. I blinked to clear my vision to find Kathy crouching down to look at my face. She smiled. "Hey sweetie. The doc's got a room all ready for you."

I sat up and looked around. Aderyn was gone, the bag with her except for the pillow I had slept on. "What time is it?" I asked groggily.

"3:00 AM."

I blinked for a while then stood up and grabbed the pillow. I still felt sleepy. Kathy took me to a room down a couple of halls and made sure I was comfortable. She told me that Aderyn was right next door in case I needed something.

"You go right back to sleep honey. It'll be morning before you know it." I nodded and tucked into bed.

The End

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