In the bottom left hand corner of the painting I stared at was what looked to be a rock. Upon closer examination, you can see a little smudge, as though one of the children in the painting touched it and he simply circled it. Joseph said something that pulled me out of my trance.

"Must've gone to the technology room......"

"TECHNOLOGY ROOM?!" I exclaimed. Not there not there not there........ I ran into the room to see Xander and Joseph standing in front of a metal machine. I didn't have to read the plaque to know what it was. Xander's eyes were huge and scared as he stared at Joseph.

"Xander, it's me! Joseph!" Joseph reached out to Xander.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME!" Xander turned to run and saw me. "ADERYN HELP ME!" He darted behind me. I turned to him and looked him in the eyes.

"Xander, where are we?" I asked him calmly. Xander shrugged. I took his hand and turned back around. "Joseph, come with me."

Joseph, who looked terrified, nodded and followed me out to the parking lot. I pulled out a lanyard with a bunch of keys on it from my pocket. When I let go of Xander's hand, he clutched my shirt, staying as close to me and as far away from Joseph as possible. I clicked through the keys before stopping on one and using it to unlock the bus.

"You have keys to the bus?" Joseph asked. I turned to him.

"I have keys to a lot of things. I only use them in emergencies." I pulled Xander onto the bus and put him right behind the driver's seat. Joseph sat across from him. I used the earlier key to turn on the bus.

"Aderyn......?" Joseph asked warningly. I closed the door and sat in the driver's seat. I put the bus in gear.

"Aderyn what are you doing?" Joseph sounded panicky. I took a deep breath before answering.

"I'm taking my brother to the hospital." We exited the parking lot in the bus.

The End

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