I was seriously jealous.  I know, I know, I just need to forget it...but I just can't!  For the first how many years of my life Aderyn has been MINE.  Sure, she looked after Marsha, Annie and Jess too, but I was her main concern.  The other three had each other, and I only had her.  Now Joseph needs her too...WHY CAN MY LIFE NOT BE EASIER!!

Joseph didn't show up in Ballroom, and I didn't blame him.  He needed his rest, and Ballroom dancing is not the best way to get it.  Annie hadn't been in class all day, and I knew that she was trying to figure out how to get Marsha back.  It was just Aderyn and I for the rest of the night.  After some intricate dancing with my sister, we helped the professors get ready for the field trip the the museum in the morning.  Before bed we went and checked on Annie, she was in the Science Lab, asleep on her work.  Aderyn and I helped her to her room, then went to check on Joseph.

He was fine too, and so we went to our room.  I felt that I should talk things over with Aderyn, but I was just so tired, and she seemed so too...until she went into the kitchen and began making banana bread. I joined her, and we had just as much fun as ever.  After eating a piece of our fresh banana bread with butter, we wrapped the 10 loafs (ya, we let our banana's go brown just for this) in plastic cling wrap, then went to bed.

"G'night!" I said, as I closed the door to my room.  Aderyn hugged me, then walked towards her room.  About halfway there she turned around and asked me,

"Do you need to talk about something?"  I shrugged and turned away, pulling my door closed, ready for a good nights sleep.

The End

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