I was really tired after being sick. After everybody else had left and Aderyn had resettled, I'd lain back and closed my eyes. I think I dozed off, because a few hours later,  I started getting cold again. I curled up tighter. After hearing a small creak, I felt someone's hand on my forehead. Bare feet padded across the room and I heard small beeps.

"Hello nurse? Joseph's fever is rearing its ugly head. We need some more medicine." The phone clicked into its place. A few minutes later the nurse came in and I felt the two women tilt my head back and put some pills in. I kept my eyes closed and felt the water go into my mouth and I swallowed the pills. The door opened and shut and I felt Aderyn smooth my hair back.

"Try to sleep Joseph. You'll have to wait for the pills to kick in." Then her hand lifted from my face and I relaxed. Soon, I drifted off into sleep.

The next day, I had no energy. I was sitting in art in the darkest corner with my head leaning back against the chair. I started dozing off when I felt something hit me.

"Whoah!" I startled awake.

"Relax, it's a blanket." Aderyn turned back to her work. "I'll wake you a few minutes before the bell."

In my next class, Xander seemed to be keeping his distance in our conversation. I didn't mind too much. I just put my head on my desk and dozed.

The End

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