I didn't know how long it had been, but I was relieved when a piece of paper appeared in front of me.  I reached up and saw that I could touch it.  I opened it up to see that it read:

Marsha, we know where you are, and we're working on freeing you.  Sincerely, Xander.

Right as I finished reading it another one appeared.

Marsha!  I found you!  You don't know how worried I was about you!  I miss you and I'm working about getting you back!  Annie

Then another appeared.

Marsha, we are going to have a LONG talk with you when we get back.  What you have done is inappropriate...Now.  We missed you!  Love, Aderyn.

Then another.  I would have screamed "I get the message!!!" if I hadn't been so happy that they new where I was.

Marsha. Jess.

Just like Jess.  The message was lame and, though nothing, told me that she still didn't know who I was.  I waited for another, but I it didn't arrive.  It didn't put me down though, I was too excited that they knew where I was.

The End

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