Joseph didn't show up for dinner or the movie, but we hardly noticed for a while.  During the movie we hardly watched at all, we mostly talked about Marsha.  It started out when Annie came in about 10 minutes late and said,

"I got it!!"  Aderyn turned around and asked,

"Got what?"  Annie then explained,

"Aderyn, I went back in time watched Marsha go back, her intentions to find our parents."  Aderyn's eyes widened, and she cut Annie off with a wave of her hand, then led her to a corner where I couldn't hear.  I sat awkwardly next to Jess, trying and failing to keep up a conversation.  About 20 minutes before it was over they came back and Annie continued as though no time had passed at all.  "I think I know how to send her a message!  I brought paper, and each of us can write her one, so we can attempt multiple times, to make sure she gets it."  Annie then handed out paper and pens.  I sat for a moment, my emotions welling up cause I...liked Marsha, a lot.  I ended going for a simple:

Marsha, we know where you are, and we're working on freeing you.  Sincerely, Xander.

Everybody's were similar to that.  Annie gathered them up and took them away.  Not until she left and the movie was over did I remember. 

"Speaking of missing people, where's Joseph?"  Aderyn looked at me, and I could see a small amount of concern rise to the surface. 

"You go to bed," she said, "I'll go check on him." 


I woke up to Aderyn opening the door to our room where I was asleep on the couch.  She looked at me, said,

"Go to bed," then went into her room.  I walked sleepily to my room, but before I got there she came out of her room in her slippers and made to leave again.

"Wherrreyaaaaagoin'?"  I said, my words slurring together because I was so tired.  Aderyn, however, was alert.

"Joseph's sick, I'm going to spend the night with him, now go to bed."  then she turned and left.  I turned to my room, a pang going through my heart. But not of concern...

I was jealous.

The End

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